What Should I Write For My Visitors?

In a recent experience, I was talking to a group of people.  Often, before one person finished talking, the next person had already started saying something.  They had not even given each other enough time to hear what was being discussed.

Have you ever noticed this happening? If so, you understand what I’m talking about.

Now, imagine what it is like in the digital world.

For example, today I started my computer. As usual, I opened my email program to begin reviewing my new messages.

While I was waiting for my email to come up, I opened a web browser for something else.

And so on…

What is Happening?

When we are bored, tired, or otherwise overwhelmed, it is human nature to speed up.  Trying to go faster on a computer with limited resources is like driving through rush hour for the fun of it.

Why would someone do that?

It doesn’t make sense.  When a computer cannot do more than it is already doing (for whatever reason, memory, processing speed, etc.), the person at the keyboard does something else “while I’m waiting.”

How Does This Affect Me?

When your readers or viewers are loading your webpage, the longer it takes to appear for them, the less likely they’ll stick around to read it.

For example, once I finally got my email open, I saw an email with a summary of 4 articles.  Two of those articles looked interesting.  I clicked on the link and waited.

And waited…

And decided that was enough.

It turns out that the webpage was loading so many graphics and ads (among other things) that the time it took to load on my browser was longer than my willingness to waste my time waiting for it.

What “fluff” do you have on your website that doesn’t need to be there?

Most importantly, when you say something, make it valuable. If your visitors are reading your content, it is because something in it resonates with something they are seeking.  (In other words, they are finding what they are looking for if they are sticking around on your site.)

If you are saying things that don’t help meet the needs of your visitors, most likely they don’t want to hear it and they won’t sit around listening to something they don’t want to hear.

What Do I Write?

Whenever you write, have a purpose.  Think about it first. In fact, the word “think” can help when deciding what to write.

  • Is it True?
  • Is it Helpful?
  • Is it Inspiring?
  • Is it Necessary?
  • Is it Kind?

Remember, “short and sweet” isn’t just a description of an ice cream cone. It’s also a way of speaking.

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