What is the “digital divide” and why does it matter?

Were you at Omar Martin’s launch of his VIP Inner Circle? If so, you may have heard of this phrase. If not,…

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Who is Omar Martin?

Okay, let’s start from the beginning. You may be asking “Who is Omar Martin?”

Omar and Melinda Martin have built their business, Higher Level Strategies, from the ground up.  Omar has become a well-recognized expert in the Internet Marketing Industry.  As a public figure and consultant, Omar is often a “go-to guy” when a struggling newbie needs a straight answer.

The Digital Divide

In their most recent launch, they had a webinar where Omar talked about “the digital divide.”  I understood the concept but had not heard the term before. Let me illustrate…

If you imagine the Grand Canyon, it is impossible to jump across.  In the Rocky Mountains, the Continental Divide is a “boundary” in the mountain range where the water on the west of the divide drains to the Pacific Ocean and the water on the east side drains to the Atlantic.

Like any “divide,” the digital divide is the separation of something.  In this case, the digital divide is the separation of people through the use of technology (such as websites or email).

How To Cross The Digital Divide

During the webinar, Omar talked about the 6 things that changed before Omar really saw the results he wanted from Internet Marketing.  One of them was “crossing the digital divide.”

Many of us attend webinars and buy other IM products.  But, what if we could tap directly into the “now” of Internet Marketing greats like Mike Filsaime?

That’s exactly what Omar did to grow his business to atypical results!  He picked up the phone and started calling people and attending industry events (in person).

Seeing a video of someone doesn’t create a relationship with that person.  (They have no clue who watched the video.)  But, meeting them face to face does.

Why Cross The Digital Divide

Now, I don’t know what you might be thinking.  I’m thinking “Why?”  Omar explained why he started calling people and making contact with experienced Internet Marketers.  Are you ready for this?


If I’m understanding correctly, he tapped into their experience to guide him and help him do the right things at the right time and in the right place (or website) in order to position his business to succeed.

Imagine if you had a group of partners that could look at your business and change 3 words in an email that drastically changed how many readers clicked on the link in the email.

What would that be worth to you? 

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