So you want to be an Internet marketer? Do you have what it takes?

Like learning any new skill, “being an Internet Marketer” takes time to learn. It’s the same learning process used in learning to drive. Just like “being a driver,” an Internet marketer needs a vehicle. For example, some Internet marketers use a blog, eBay store, or even an Amazon store. In fact, some Internet marketers don’t even have a full-sized website. (We call these people affiliate marketers.)

Getting A Vehicle

In general, when someone has a car or a truck (or some kind of vehicle to drive), they then have to learn how it works. In addition to learning how it works, they have to learn how their actions change the behavior of the vehicle to, for example, help them arrive at their destination (or not).

In Internet Marketing, my vehicle is a blog.  My intent is to use it to generate traffic to specific pages and websites that add value for other people.  Sometimes, it is used to offer free items in exchange for permission to send messages to an email address.  Other times, it is used to highlight other products or services that I found valuable and interesting.

Deciding which vehicle you want to use to get to your destination is really a personal choice.  Many vehicles operate the same way under the same laws and on the same roads.  (Some vehicles use different roads.  That’s a choice that may make it harder to use the vehicle if, for example, it gets high centered on some rocks. 🙂 Oops…)

To Be Continued…

In the next part of our “Do You Have What It Takes?” series, I’ll explore 3 types of Internet Marketing Business Models to choose from and the one thing that all Internet Marketing businesses depend on.  Until then…  did you check out my About Me page yet?


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