I always did what I was told to do in school.  Actually, I got pretty good at it.  In fact, I was so good at doing what I was told and listening that I was often the one answering questions for other students who didn’t listen because they didn’t know what to do. It’s always been that way.

As you can imagine, many times I’ve started a new job and picked up the skills relatively quickly.  I can figure out what needs to happen and make it happen so that it is smooth and looks effortless.

Unfortunately for me, what that means is that my boss (usually) doesn’t realize or appreciate what it takes to do what I do.  And, more often than not, because I do good work, I’m “blessed” with more work.

It was probably around 2006 that I realized I didn’t want to have another job. I’d taken classes and know that J.O.B. was really an acronym that stands for “Just Over Broke.”  And I was living it. Shortly afterwards, I married a dear friend.  We soon had a home and started a family.

Let me tell you when you have a job like that coupled with the responsibilities of providing for parents and children, you are always looking for a way out. And was I…  So much so that I found myself trying all sorts of programs and products in my quest financial freedom. (Probably to the extreme disappointment of my dearly beloved considering our financial situation.)

I didn’t expect it to be easy.  In fact, I didn’t even expect it to be fast.  I just wanted to be free from the lifeless existence of the “working class.”  I’m not much into zombies and I didn’t want to spend my days around the living dead. I dreamed of a life where I worked fewer days than I played and spent more time with my family than with my boss.
Most programs I tried were either scams or involved so much investment in both time and money for so little reward I quickly found out it was not going to be as easy as I first expected. And, since I was working a full time job and raising a family, I didn’t know how it was going to happen but deep in my heart, I knew that the only way for me to ever hope of being free from a time-clock was to make the time for myself.
Then, in January 2014, I found John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success program.  In all the programs that I had tried, they promised to be available to answer questions, but they never really were.  And, John’s program was different.In addition to taking my by the hand and guiding me step-by-baby-step, I also was able to ask questions and get input on what I was working on as I was working on it.

Fast forward to April 2014, now, with my life in full-swing, working a full-time job, teaching a class at church that includes participating in and planning activities every wednesday night, as well as raising a family and maintaining a home, things are really starting to happen.  I’d started to make time for myself both to protect my time and my dreams.

I quickly found that 30 minutes a day would move me closer to my dreams.  And, if it meant moving only an inch a day, I would gladly accept that inch forward over the utter disappointment of not accomplishing anything with my time.

So by design, I had begun following John’s system and have heard that it worked well …… very very well.

This was when I decided to teach others how to copy John’s business, I created my first website and www.rachelbock.com was born.

And here we are today, you sitting here reading this blog and hopefully learning from it. Believe me if someone told me what I would be doing today, I would have laughed, but here we are, now you may be wondering why I’m telling you this. Well here’s why.

I decided I had to do something with my life, I hated my job. I hated leaving my family to go and do a 12 hour shift. I hated the fact we used to live from month to month and never seemed to have any money. We never bought gifts for Christmas, never even went on vacation, barely had enough to pay the bills, and in fact we were up to our eyeballs financial bondage.

However, my story is nothing new, in fact you may even be able to relate to this, and if you can you need to understand one thing. Only one person could do something about my life.


Not my boss, not my family, not the prime minister, not my dear Grandma Wanda, but me. This is what you must understand. Only one person can change your life.


Once you grasp this concept things will start to change for the better, if you hate your job, hate having no money, can’t work due to poor health or are retired (or just plain sick and tired) or whatever situation you find yourself in it can change, but only you can do it.

Sure, I am here to guide and teach you but your success is in your hands and nothing can change that. You have to grasp what the Internet, and more importantly the information age has to offer, a better life for us all. We are all extremely fortunate to be living in this age, just 10 years ago this sort of lifestyle was not possible but now it is possible for each and every one of us to become a huge success because of the Internet and the fact people will pay for information, and it can only get bigger and better in the future. The Internet is creating successful, wealthy people on a daily basis.

I already know you have what it takes to become a success or you wouldn’t be sitting here reading this far down the page, this alone proves you have the desire to succeed and as one of my blog readers I aim to put you on that road to success at the very least. If there is ever anything I can do to help simply get in touch and I’ll do my very best to help.

To your success,

Rachel Bock

P.S. If you asked me to recommend one piece of information that could help you get started and become a success this is it. Have a look at the eBook and video and be sure to take notes, I am helping thousands of people succeed and could you be next?

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