What Are Desired Outcomes?

Hello!  Sorry for not posting last Friday.  I was experiencing technical difficulties.

So… anyways… Where were we…. Ah, yes…

Quick Review

In a previous article, I wrote about “How Do I Measure My Progress?” There was some great feedback on that conversation.

After I thought about it some more, I realized that measuring progress is an ongoing kind of thing.

When Do I Measure Progress?

Whenever you have a gap between where you want to be and where you are.  For example, I want to be on a beach reading a book.  Right now, the gap is that I’m sitting inside because the clouds are watering my garden now. (I prefer to be optimistic.)

Clearly, this chair is not a warm Hawaii beach and those sounds are not Whales.

The gap between thunder and lightning and the sounds of Whales is pretty big.  In order to get myself to that lovely beach, I have to regularly measure my progress.

No matter where you are with your business, whether you’ve been in business for decades or are just starting out fresh today, there will (almost) always be a “next step” if you so choose to take it.

What is “Regular” Mean?

It depends.  (I know, you probably get tired of hearing me say that. But, it does.) Questions to consider that can answer that for you are

  • How often you want to do course corrections?
  • How frequently do you receive the information necessary to do course corrections?
  • How close are you to your desired outcome?

For me, for example, I review “the gap” about once a week.  And that review depends on knowing my desired outcome.

Okay, I’ve seen that three times so tell me already, What are Desired Outcomes?

It depends.  🙂

(Did you know I’d say that?)

Many people will refer to goals.  I learned along that way that usually goals are hit or miss.  There are no other options.

I also learned that what you focus on (or desire) expands.  And, since I want to focus on the outcomes that I want in my life (again, choosing the positive / optimistic instead of focusing on what I’m afraid will happen — that I don’t want happening), I call them “Desired Outcomes.”

A desired outcome is whatever it is that your heart tells you.  For example, I thought about you today and decided that I wanted to talk to you again since I hadn’t written in almost two weeks. (Again, please accept my apologies for that. I’m very sorry.)

Once you define where you want to “end up,” it’s time to chart your course and set sail.  With that said, I’ll say ta ta for now (TTFN) and let you think about what it is you really want.

The 5 Whys

Oh, which reminds me… Caution: Be warned, this could get painful!  Sometimes the truth hurts.

One of the things I’ve learned along the way is to ask “Why” at least 5 times. This helps to uncover those unconscious motivations that you may not be aware of.  If you want something and can explain 5 times “why?” then you may just learn something about yourself.

Stay tuned as we continue exploring accomplishing desired outcomes more next week.  Next up… Charting our course!

Take care!


  • Mats Rehn

    Reply Reply August 8, 2014

    Thank you Rachel:
    I will practice ‘5 times “why”-method’ on my current and future goals. Maybe some goals will fall to make room for more important ones, that sets my Soul on fire!

    • rachelbock

      Reply Reply August 15, 2014

      Excellent! I’d love to hear how it goes when you try it.

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