The Rachel Bock Way

On my last update, I started talking about split testing what you put on your website.

And then I read an article by Igor Griffiths and decided I wanted to take a step back.

In his article “How Clear is Your Core?” Igor addresses having a mission statement and values.

And because I know what I focus on expands, I want to define my mission statement and values so that I can focus on my most desired outcomes.

“And what are those?” You ask…

Things You Should Know

First, I’m all about living with passion. If an activity doesn’t have some meaning, mission or purpose, why are you doing it?

Second, having purpose to me means living a spiritually-minded life. These lives are focused on the very long-term consequences of our everyday actions. When deciding what to do and selecting the reasons why to act or not act, look beyond yourself. What did you do today worth remembering 100 years from now?

Third, we are all connected. As such, everything we do influences the world around us…for better or worse. How are you changing the world?

And finally, life is a team sport. If you’re not on the team, you’re not really living. (I’m sure you’ve seen “the walking dead” that go day in and day out to the j-o-b. I’d rather really be alive while I’m here.) It is meant to be shared so we can help one another along the way. Is there anything I can do to help you move past the challenges you are facing?

And along with that, are you willing to take the actions necessary to move past those challenges?

The Rachel Bock Way

1) Integrity
2) Gratitude
3) Service
4) Community

Mission Statement
I am helping billions around the world consciously choose to live more meaningful lives by providing inspirational personal development coaching to improve health, finances and relationships.

I hope that gives you a better idea of where I’m coming from and why I chose this path.

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