How To Set Up A Website

Week 2 of the Partnership To Success training went rather well. Setting up my website was much easier than transferring the domain.

With John’s specific and clear video instructions, I was able to update my website rather quickly…once I made time to get online.

Being a webmaster isn’t just sitting at a computer all day long.  I’m also balancing life.  Just like anything new, I’ve still got to take care of my existing prior commitments.

Things You Should Know To Set Up A Website

First, setting up a website isn’t all easy.  There are many decisions to be made.  For example, getting the right parts and pieces in the right places is vital.

Second, be sure you can make all of it work together.  Having the right parts and pieces is only part of the challenge.  Making sure I understand how to use them is also important.  For example, I have new tools installed in the “back office.”  But, tools are only as useful as the people using them.  Without knowing what features they have and how to access those features, it is kinda useless to have these new tools.

Next, please remember that all the tools in the world won’t do the work for me.  I know that tools make things easier.  But, really, when it comes down to it, anything that happens online happens for a reason.  Someone programmed it.  Someone wrote it.  And, someone clicked the button to send it out into the world.

Finally, just remember skipping steps doesn’t get you any closer to a goal. Oh my goodness.  Can I just say what a pain in the butt it is to try to keep moving forward when I don’t have the information to move forward?  For example, I requested my graphics for this site.  It was all wonderful and easy.  That’s not the part that went haywire.

When I finished ordering the graphics, I still was working on the site and continued working on other steps thinking I’d come back to add the graphics. Fortunately, I did come back to add the graphics.  But, when I did, I didn’t know which graphics were the final graphics or which ones were drafts.  And, since I wasn’t making time to use my desktop computer to add the graphics, I didn’t see what graphics were really being uploaded or how they looked on the site.

When I finally did get the graphics up and looked at it on my desktop computer, they looked bad.  I am pretty sure that I uploaded one of the drafts instead of the final graphics.  So, actually trying to hurry and do it when I was away from my computer made it worse.  I ended up going back three steps instead of taking any steps forward.

Summary: Steps To Set Up a Website

  1. Define what tools you need.
  2. Install one tool at a time.
  3. Don’t do anything until you know that tool works.
  4. Then and only then, move on to installing the next tool.

If I were to do this week’s assignments again, I would definitely make sure that I have enough time and information to work through each step one at a time instead of trying to keep going with missing information and missing tools.  Skipping steps in a process makes more problems than solutions.



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