How Often Should I Add Content?

The short answer is “it depends.”

The long answer is “regularly and consistently.” But what does that really mean?

Well, let me explain…

Things You May Want To Know About Adding Content

Okay, there’s a few different things to talk about here.

First, search engines “reward” sites that are “alive” and updated recently. So, adding content is an ongoing thing. Even in static sites, updating or revising the content annually or semi-annually is a good idea.

Second, you may want to decide what works best for you. For example, I started with the expectation that I’ll write to you twice a week. With my other responsibilities (home, work, and serving in the community), I’ve learned that twice a week hasn’t worked well for me. As such, I have made commitment to write a minimum of once a week.

Third, by having a schedule that meets at least your minimum expectation, you’ll make it easier to stick to. For example, I have many demands on my time. As long as I keep my commitment of writing once a week, I am making progress toward my goal of providing high-quality, informative and practical information for you.

Fourth, it also depends on what type of website you have. Something like WebMD (where the information on each page isn’t going to change daily) doesn’t need updated daily. But, something like Yahoo News or a website that reports on the daily activity on the stock exchange will have frequent updates because of the nature of the information being discussed.

Does that make sense? I know I used a few references here that you may not understand. So, let’s pause here a moment.

If the topic you are discussing is changing often, your site and content should reflect that momentum.

Recipe For Success For Adding The Right Amount of Content

1) A topic
2) A commitment
3) A calendar
4) Either Time or Money

1) Understand the nature and speed of change in your topic.
2) Choose a frequency of adding content that takes into consideration that speed of change in your topic, the time you want to devote to your clients and the needs of how often your clients need or want information you provide.
3) Take a look at your calendar and decide what days to honor that commitment. For me, I start thinking about what to write on Monday. By Friday, I have a pretty good idea of what to say. As such, my schedule includes the following:

  • Monday: Brainstorm topics.
  • Tuesday: Select a topic.
  • Wednesday: Brainstorm questions related to topic chosen.
  • Thursday: Research and compose answers to possible questions.
  • Friday: Write and publish article

4) You’ll notice that the schedule above includes actions every weekday. It takes time to reach goals. If you don’t have the time to invest yourself, you can hire someone else to help prepare content.

Here’s to your success!

The only way to solve a problem is to understand it. Please let me know what challenges you have so we can overcome them.

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