How Do I Create Interesting Content?

Creating interesting content is the exact question of many new internet marketers.  If the content isn’t interesting, it most likely will not be something that someone is looking for in a search engine.

How To Create Interesting Content

Writing articles that will answer the questions of your audience is going to serve the most people.  For example, some of the frequently asked questions that I see on the topic of Internet Marketing are

  • How do I generate traffic?
  • What is a niche?
  • How do I manage an email list?
  • What products can I sell?
  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • What is “SEO?”
  • Why isn’t my website coming up in the search engine?
  • How do I submit my website to search engines?
  • What is “google analytics?”

As you can see, there are many questions that come up in many different areas of internet marketing.  When choosing a topic, you may want to look at the “hot trends” on Twitter and in Search Engines.  To view the trends in Twitter, there are websites like that will help by showing real-time local Twitter trends.

Another option is to use the Twitter website itself.  Twitter has a page that shows world-wide trends.  It is located at  When you visit this page, you’ll notice the lower half of the screen is in a box labeled “Worldwide Trends.”

When you want to see the trends in a specific topic, enter the topic in the search box.  When you do this, Twitter will provide a list of recent tweets related to the topic.

For example, if i search Twitter for tweets about Internet Marketing, I see quite a few that are trying to sell me something.  I’m also seeing one that asks the question, “Want to know what the most effective internet marketing strategies are?”

Being a website owner, that tweet peaks my interest.  As a member of the internet marketing community, it is probably a topic that is interesting to my readers also.

I hope this makes sense.  Essentially, what I did was found a conversation on Twitter that is talking about the topic I want to write about.  Once I found a tweet that had something that may be useful to others in the community, I can use that to think of related information that I can write about.

In this example, the questions is specifically about effective strategies.  How many people would you guess want to have effective strategies?  (I’d expect many, if not all, internet marketers are looking for effective strategies.)

Remember when you are writing that you can only write from your own experience.  No matter what experience you have, whatever you needs to be authentic.  if it isn’t authentic, it won’t be interesting.

One other item to note as you consider creating interesting content for your readers.  You may have a story that helps explain the topic and connects to a personal experience of your readers. Using stories and personal experiences will add “life” to anything you write.

For example, the first time I built a website, I used keyword ranking to prepare topics for my webpages.

Recipe for Successfully Creating Interesting Content


1) Time

2) Internet Trends

3) Personal Interest


1) Using the internet trends available such as Google or Twitter trends, find something that sparks your personal interest.

2) Once you’ve found something you are personally interested in, consider what experience or information you could share on this topic.

3) Remember the time when…  and write your personal story.

4) Make sure that any story you provide includes authenticity and helps serve your audience. What does your experience teach? How would you do something different “next time” from having this experience?

5) Write.

6) Wait at least a day to read what you’ve written.

7) Re-write (also called “editing”).

One other thing, just remember that you won’t really know what interests people until you put something out there and see how they respond.  If you watch social media websites, such as Twitter and Facebook, you can get a pretty good idea of topics that people really are interested in.

Best wishes and until next time… Be well.

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