How Can I Get The Results I Want?

I love this question!  In fact, it is the question of a lifetime.  In other words, most people spend an entire lifetime searching for the answer to this exact question.

I don’t consider myself an expert on many things.  And, “getting results” is definitely something I believe I do well.  So, I’ll share what I’ve learned.  I’m sure others can add to this also.

Define The Results You Want

The very first step in the process is to decide what you want.

This is probably the very hardest step because until the decision is made, you aren’t really “aiming” for anything.  I have a quote that hangs on the wall that reminds me of this every day.

“A man without aim is like a clock without hands, as useless if it turns as if it stands”

Once you have decided what you want, or in other words, the “end result” that you are interested in, then it’s time to start doing something to make things happen.

Find Someone Who Already Has That Result

The next step is to find someone who has the results you want.  Ask them to be a mentor or coach.

The reason this step is vital is because it essentially makes the entire process collaborative.  Let me say it another way.

If you don’t know what you don’t know, how are you going to recognize that you are doing what you shouldn’t be doing?  Or vice versa.  If you don’t do what you don’t do, how are you going to recognize what you should be doing?

Someone who has the results that you want already has done what it takes to accomplish those results.

They have, as the cliche goes, “been there, done that.”

Follow Their Example

I’d consider this the second hardest step.  Following orders is not something that people do well, even when they are well intentioned.

Following their example means exactly that.  Take what they do and do it.

For example, let me talk about a recent “sale” that happened in the Partnership to Success.

Omar and Melinda Martin had an outstanding 3-day sale for their membership site “My Unfair Advantage.” John Thornhill and Dave Nicholas both were promoting the product during the sale.  They had plenty of advance notice of the sale and were able to prepare for it. Here’s how:

1)  The registered a special domain for just this occasion.  (I assume they can use this domain for other occasions also and maybe use it for other joint projects.  It was a new domain that represented both of them.)

2) They prepared a bonus package that was packed with goodies.  Because both John and Dave are “high-caliber” experts in internet marketing, they included training on all sorts of things ranging from getting traffic to creating an online presence using video marketing.

3) They also emailed out the designed email campaign as specified in the sale instructions by Omar.  These were tested emails that already were proven to provide results.

In other words, they were prepared when the sale started and were focused when the sale was happening.

You may wonder “so what?” What does this matter?

Get Their Results

John and Dave were the second highest source of sales for the entire weekend.  In other words, the results that they created were results that any affiliate partner would want to be able to create.

So, by following the example of the people who have the results you want, you can start to get results like theirs.

A Note of Caution

You cannot get results like this overnight. In fact, even by following John and Dave’s instructions, you cannot do what they’ve done.  At least not right away. Let me explain.

Please remember two additional important facts that come into play.  I haven’t mentioned these two points yet and want to ensure you recognize how John and Dave did what they did to be successful.

It Takes Time and Skills

Now, clearly, John Thornhill has been an internet marketer for “some time.”  He’s not new at this.  His skills are clearly more advanced than mine.

Mailing an email campaign to his email lists will produce more results than mailing the same exact email campaign to my subscribers. This is simply because he has more subscribers.  He has also been gathering subscribers longer than I have.

He also has seen results and learned from them because of previous experience.  Without that previous experience, I would have sent the email campaign only whereas John may have sent additional referrals to Omar’s offer using ads, auction sales, and much more.

You are Not Alone

Also, keep in mind that Omar and Melinda Martin made an investment to support their sales too.  In addition to having the affiliates refer people to their site for their product, they also made follow-up contacts with visitors that had seen their product page during the weekend.

So even though John and Dave prepared and had an exceptionally full bonus package, they personally did not necessarily gather each and every sale by themselves. Without Omar’s offer and possibly the additional follow-up that was in place long before the event started, John and Dave may not have had the results they were able to receive.

Reward Progress

Finally, the last step is to “keep going.”  If you know you are on the right track, then just keep doing what you’re doing.  Keeping in touch with your mentor or coach will help you stay aligned with your ultimate goal.

After all, it takes doing something 10,000 times before it is a “skill” that we can do “automatically.”

Give yourself the time to practice while you are becoming successful. Also, be sure to allow yourself to reward small successes.

For example, if I set up the email campaign, that’s one “milestone” of success.

If I had a bonus package for my visitors, that’s another milestone of success.

If I had set up ads to send additional visitors to my bonus package, that would also be a reason to celebrate.

Most journeys take more than one step.  Celebrate each step you take and be sure to recognize the effort that you are investing in your progress toward your goals.

That’s what they call “sweat equity.”  Your effort has value too.  Don’t short change yourself for still being in a “learning” phase of your success.

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