Daily Actions Make Long-Term Results

Over time, overcoming the rough waters will lead to smooth sailing.

Ongoing Navigation

Like any goal, it is necessary to often check where we are as compared to the course we wanted. Like pilots flying from airport to airport, we want to check that we are on course.

Small Steps Consistently Applied

And, like a plane flying, progress is made mile by mile. Or in our case, link by link and page by page.

Overwhelm Caution
Consider your website or online presence as a long-term commitment. If you try to build it all in a day, you’ll most likely have challenges that cannot be resolved quickly.

If you take it down to the smaller milestones, then the task is more accomplishable. Something about our minds will unconsciously stop us from moving forward when we think that something will take an hour.

But, if it’ll only take ten minutes…

Did you feel the weight lift when you read that?

Bonus Time

Think of the time that went unused in the two time frames above. On the one hand, I was planning to spend 60 minutes working towards an outcome.

Okay. If I start and am able to finish in 35 minutes, then that means I reserved 25 minutes more than I needed to finish the task.

I call the 25 minutes reserved and unused as “bonus time” that I can either use to get more done with respect to that project, or time I can use to work on something else.

Moving Forward

No matter where you are on the path, moving forward will get more results than never taking action. One step a day will help you travel farther than 3 steps every 7 days.


  • joan

    Reply Reply August 30, 2014

    Very true words Rachel. However I am finding everything taking much oonger than I anticipate. 🙂

    • rachelbock

      Reply Reply September 4, 2014

      I understand that!

      Sometimes, I find myself getting distracted from the most productive activities. Other times, it just takes longer than I expected because I’m learning something new or it was different than I remember it.

      Keep yourself focused on the long term results you want and you’ll get there!

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