And Occasionally Rough Waters Appear

So, if you’ve been following along in this exciting journey, you know we talked recently about charting your course.

Setting Sail

As sometimes happens, More often than not, once you’ve decided what you are moving towards and start moving that way, “stuff happens.”

Having a plan and taking action isn’t enough. In today’s world of high tech systems, there are so many moving parts that make up our wide world.

Technical Difficulties

For example, using a computer connected to an internet service provider that then connects to Facebook’s game’s app is an amazing system. And it works… most of the time.

When it doesn’t work… Can I just say, “Arg?”

Then What?
Well, there are options to choose from. Consider the following choices. What action would you choose?

  • Give up. It’s easier to blame a computer than to say that you don’t understand how to do it to get the results that “real” internet marketers can accomplish.
  • Hire someone to come look at the computer and later realize that it was a waste of money.
  • Call the service providers and wait on hold if you can get through to the right service department to get the problem figured out.
  • Pray to the powers that be that the ghosts in the machines will allow your computer to be one island of sanctuary to be a place where you can have the joy of having a dream
  • Grab a hammer and say “Goodbye forever!” to your computer.
  • Quote The Raven.
  • Take a deep breathe and think.
  • Please note, in case you didn’t notice the humor in the above list of option, I was being over-dramatic.

    Life Happens

    As you can see by my example, the biggest challenge here isn’t that I can’t get the Facebook game to come up on my computer. The biggest challenge is how I choose to respond to the situation.

    Being human, we all have the ability to choose our thoughts, feelings, actions, and results.

    So what if the computer doesn’t work the way I expect it to. Maybe my expectations were unrealistic.

    Experiences Shape Us

    What I want to focus on is that today I am becoming the person I will be tomorrow. In that light, some of the questions I may ask are as follows:

    How does this change my goal?

    What options are there?

    What is within my control?

    What is beyond my control?

    Is there someone who can help me?

    What do I want to see happen?

    And then, when you are not in a fragile emotional state (it’s okay. We all have those moments.), then make a decision and move forward.

    Whatever decision you make is going to be the right one for you. You just need to trust that little voice to guide you.

    A Personal Note

    May I please get a little personal here?

    If I had something happen, like the example above, I’d also ask one more question.

    What’s it worth?

    Is dealing with the “small things” really worth all the drama in order to become the person I want to be tomorrow? Is this dream of mine worth whatever it takes to make it happen for me?

    I’ve heard two things about following your dreams.

    First, one who chases two rabbits catches none.

    Second, if it isn’t worth the pursuit of a lifetime, then it isn’t worth your time.

    We each will come to points where decisions must be made. The decision to quit usually (I’m gonna say always unless someone can give me one example where someone accomplished their goal without doubting themselves or their abilities during the journey) always happens before the results we dreamt of become a reality.

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