How To Create An Opt-In Form

In order to add any people to an email list, we’ll need a form that helps gather their information. In Internet Marketing (or IM) terms, this form is called an Opt-in form. This will be where a visitor to our website puts their contact information for us to use in the future.  Usually an opt-in…

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How To Make An Email List

An Email List is a list of people who actively want to subscribe to my updates.  An email marketing service, such as Aweber, GetResponse, and iContact, provides the database that will help me manage my email subscriber list. Things You Should Know To Make An Email List The first thing you should know is that…

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How To Set Up A Website

Week 2 of the Partnership To Success training went rather well. Setting up my website was much easier than transferring the domain. With John’s specific and clear video instructions, I was able to update my website rather quickly…once I made time to get online. Being a webmaster isn’t just sitting at a computer all day…

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How To Legitimately Transfer A Domain